This Is Not Just A Dream But A Request

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

Ever notice that when Blacks complain about Hollywood excluding Black stories, the common cry is, “Go Make Your Own!”

Jordan Peele has joined a pantheon of Black writers and directors like John Singleton, Spike Lee, The Hughs Brothers and more who make movies starring mainly Black lead characters. Now, some, like Breitbart, are mocking him suggesting that Peele is racist and xenophobic.

When Blacks point to an inherent American problem, they are often told, “It’s not an American problem; it’s a Black problem. You fix it”. When Black go about solving their problem to the exclusion of the America that ostracized them, suddenly, heads pop up and notice. Yet, only because their language and attitude is being mirrored back at them.

Name That Nation

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

Name the nation that has monuments to traitors. Name the nation that names public schools, avenues and public parks in honor of terrorists.

Having a hard time? Probably because it doesn’t happen. This proves that the Civil War wasn’t fought over anyone’s freedom. The end of slavery was only the innovation of chains. Monuments go to victors; memorials go to heroes. Confederates were victors over what and heroes to whom? The answer to those questions are found in the current and perpetual state of U.S. race relations.

The recent tearing down and removal of these trophies to insurrection and terror have been met with protests and violence from same generation crying, “Heritage!” with one mouth and denying involvement with slavery with another.