Critical Race Hysteria

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

Sse Goodguy with another minisession, 

a teenie tiny blessin’ 

from Being Black on Earth, the podcast  

Critical Race Theory?  

What is it?  I can’t tell you 

because it’s banned. It can’t be taught in schools 

along with the 1619 Project.  I live in Florida where the GOP Gov. and Hobbit, Ron Desantis, wants kids to learn about

racism the old fashion way… 

In school, but not from a textbook  

because apparently 

like black men, black history is also violent 

and scary.

I find it ironic that importing Communist ideas 




curl, because Communist China

imports half a trillion dollars in goods

annually to the U.S.

And that the United States 

is Chicomm’s largest trading partner.  

Imports from China make up 20% of all 



Go Communism.  Oh! Wait! No!

We hate Communism 

or is that just Marxism 

or maybe it’s just the ideas.  

We hate the ideas, love the bedsheets.  

Critical Race Theory! We should talk about it 

because it’s trending right now 

in politics 

This is my podcast

and I need your attention.

First of all, 

Critical Race Theory – CRT or Crit for short

is not being taught in schools.  

How do I know?

because it is like teaching tort law to third graders.  

Can you say that 3x fast?

Even lawyers don’t understand tort law.  

But seriously, 

Critical Race Theory is a university subject; 

It’s typically studied by law students.  

In order to properly study CRT, you’d have to be well-read 

on a number of subjects including 

constitutional law, economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy and history.  

That would be world history, U.S. history 

and yes! That does include African American history – 

to coin a term.

Actually, I didn’t make that term up.  African American history 

is already a thing. 

I just tried to slip that by 

because I figured most Americans don’t even know 

“the Blacks” had a history.  

Well, we do 

and it’s awesome!  So, awesome in fact 

that it’s taught at universities.

Critical Race Theory is not diversity and inclusion 


You can’t see me 

because I’m invisible, 

but I’m making air quotes

behind your back

To signify that Critical Race Theory is NOT 

a training.

In other words your 

middle school 

Developmental reading teacher 

does not have the time, the mental/emotional bandwidth 

Or the inclination to learn 

all that goes into 

the PRACTICE of Critical Race Theory. 

 And it can’t be taught in 

a two hours too long 

Zoom workshop for recertification credit hours.


So Cut The Bullshit.

Whatever Critical Race Theory is, 


don’t have to worry about it because 

just like a grammy winning,


female rapper, 

you’ve never seen it. 

 It isn’t being taught in any public school 

and Timmy 

isn’t being indoctrinated at daycare.  

I can assure you.

Critical Race Theory 

is the practice of 

interrogating the role of race 

and racism 

in the society 

that emerged in the legal academy 

and spread to other fields 

of scholarship.   If you like the way I worded that 

it’s because I stay up all night; then, Googled it a  few minutes ago


the bobolis out there want to throw words at you 

like postmodernism, 

Marxist ideology 

and Frankfurt school, 

because they are sadists 

And they hope that those big words

leave bruises 

and welts that spell out Commie 

the Great American Villain 

McCarthy era mcguffin

and the bad guys 

in every 


80s Action Movie.  

All of Them (with a capital Th-)

and Jordan Peterson (all lowercase)

 want you to know that

 Commies murdered 

and they murdered 

a lot.  

These murders weren’t the result of greedy, 



as one might think 

and pretty much 

the cause 

most of the time governments murder.  No, 

this time it’s the ideology alone; it infects 

the mind and 

makes you want to provide good education 

and free healthcare.  Communism, in addition 

to allegedly killing a 100 million people, 

That’s way way more than Covid,

Possibly less than the Bubonic Plague 

And about as much as Capitalism

The difference

I guess

Being that Communists blow brains out 

or starve you to death

While Capitalists 

Work you to the bone 

Then watch you die from

Too many dollar menu cheeseburgers 

And Lack of affordable healthcare

Did you know

Communist countries lead the world

in health outcomes, 

life expectancies, 


and women’s education.  

Now hold on to Momma,

I’m going to toss a morbid fact at you

African Americans… 


Doesn’t that make you sad?  

Two general areas with no specifics

Well, let me apologize in advance 

because what I am about to say 

will indubitably make you 

even sadder.  

African Americans, 

despite living in a 1st world country

have a lower expectancy of achieving maturity

than the people of many third world countries, 

That includes China and parts of India.  

Damn man! The one time we’re early for something 

and it’s death.  Enough about Communism.  

Critical Race Theory 

has about as much to do with Communism 

as a tuna casserole has to do with a black family reunion.  

You can bring it ,

but you can also take it with you

 when you leave.  Black people aren’t 

As frightened by Communism as Wypipo 

appear to be 

and the reasons for this are too complicated 

and lengthy to explain 

in just one episode; 

so, I’ll try to sum it up in one word… 

uh Whitey.   

European Whites been kicking our ass for about 

500 hundred years 

and American whitey had Black folks in the gulag 

for about 100 years before 

any Communist countries 

ever existed.  

They just called it a plantation.  

Sounds better than 


but they’re the same goddamn thing

Instead of housing political prisoners and criminals

Plantations were run by politicians and criminals.

Derek Bell, the first Black man to 

become a tenured law professor 

at Harvard Uni, 

in the 70s, 

developed Critical Race Theory 

along with other scholars, 

activists and legal scholars 

over a period of time 

as he observed 

monumental Civil Rights Acts being eroded 

or undermined such as 

Brown vs The Board of Education 

and the Fair Housing Act of 1968

Mostly by apathy in punishing violations

And counteracting the State level legislature.  

Bell had a reputation

He was known as a wild man 

A radical for  crazy ideas like

Tenured professor positions for women

and other minorities,

providing lunch for his students

And teaching by talking with them

Instead of at them

Even Barack Obama, during his 1st presidency 

was called to task 

by Conservative 

Because once while Obama was a student at Harvard, 

he spoke to Bell… *gasp*

And It gets worse… worse you say, 

Yes!  In 1990, 

during a Harvard rally, the former 2x President

introduced Bell as guest speaker and 

When Bell approached the stage

The husband of America’s First Black First lady

Hugged Professor Bell.  Hmmm…

I’ll be straight up witcha, Derek Bell did not trust Whitey 

and he was quite vocal about it.  

Bell had observed a phenomenon that he called, Interest Convergence or Material 


which are just big words 

that most of us can 

betray with a look.  

You know that look 

you get when your kids offers to get you something 

from the refrigerator, 

Then you realize

It’s only because 


want something from the refrigerator

and their mother has already told them 

for the third time to stay out 

of the refrigerator.  That look!

When your baby-mother has suspiciously called you three days in a row 

Just to say


and not one of those conversations ended with you wishing a meteor would fall from the sky 

and crush 

just her 

then shadow creatures from the movie Ghost tackle her lingering spirit 

and carry it into the pits of hell  


she’s actually being nice – 

That look!  

That’s the look you get when 

you sense Interest convergence is afoot

That’s the look Derek Bell had on his face every time he was in the presence of a well-meaning wypipo.  

It basically describes the tendency of someone 

to do something nice, 

not because it’s the right thing to do, 

but because they get something that they want

out of it.  

Bell deduced that this is the reason Civil Rights Bills were suddenly shuttled along so quickly

After the movement remained so long under the radar

For this reason many Conservative accused Bell 

of being anti-white.

To which I only have one question:

If you’re anti-white

Does that by default 

Make you pro-black?

To which I say

You win some; you lose some.  Interest convergence 

is actually the 2nd tenet of CRT.  The first 

cuts through the malarkey 

and keeps right on cutting 

until it gets 

to the chase, 

This tenet claims that America is a racist country 

all day 


The third tenet 

asserts Race as merely a social construction, 

we don’t care what you heard on SaNeterTV.  

Bell  holds 

(and science agrees) 

that it is the society that created race 

and attempts to attribute permanent traits where 

there are none.  

We’re just different shades of human

If white society can create races, they can also manipulate races by inventing new ones, changing terms or

 just making race disappear altogether 

like they did with Eddie Murphy’s career, 

conscious rap (damn! I miss that genre) 

and 90s Black sitcoms.  I hate blackish. 

I’ll skip 4 and go right to five 

So I can say… Kimberle Crenshaw, 

Kimberle Crenshaw, 

Kimberle Crenshaw the two most married words 

in the English language.  

In addition to having a euphonious name black feminist 

and scholar Kimberle Crenshaw coined the term, Intersectionality, in 1989.  

Think of Intersectionality 

as the Bingo Game of socio political identity, 

except race is not a game.  It’s not a game!  These crackas ain’t playing no games out here! 

Oh my god! I don’t know what just happened there. 

Intersectionality is a complex concept that has a beautiful symmetry of neatly stacked oppression.  

It basically tracks 

all the ways 

a single individual is layered

within a society that 

prioritizes white-over-color 

and other contrived identifiers over the other.  

For example, I am a cis het Black man.  

This indicates that in this society 

I won’t experience gender or sex descrimination;

However, I may experience race descrimination.  

To demonstrate how feckin schizophrenic this society is,

Pretend as if White Supremacy was a 

pre-Apocalypse Role Playing game, 

I also get points for being tall, 

Relatively handsome,


(as opposed to dark), 


and the son of an immigrant.  

That means that when it comes to job interviews I get to roll 20-sided die with +2 modifier.  

In social situations 

I tend to fare better than my 

cis het Black Male counterparts

because I am not dark 

and though I may be black, 

since my mother is West Indian, 

I’m not “really” Black.  

I know it sounds ridiculous…  because it is!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop it from being true.

But hey! I didn’t invent this shit.  Actually Benjamin Franklin did.  And if you don’t believe me,

he must’ve been drunk enough 

because he didn’t just think about it

he actually wrote it down 

and put in a letter 

and he actually mailed.

If you’re Conservative and white, 

want to be white 

or are leaning towards 

being white 

and you’re not pissed about Critical Race Theory just yet, 


Microaggressions! This was not Derek Bell’s discovery, however.  The term was coined by Harvard psychiatrist Chester Pierce.  Before we learned the high falutin fancy word for it, 

We had our phrase for it.

we just called it ‘Playing Too Much’ 

and in the colloquialism of today’s young people,

 it has deepened to, 

“You got me fucked up”, 

which means you are engaging in brief and commonplace 

daily verbal, behavioral or environmental slights, 

whether intentional or unintentional, 

that communicate hostile, 


or negative attitudes 

toward stigmatized or culturally marginalized groups… 

and you ‘bout ta getcha ass beat.

So, don’t do those.

That’s pretty much CRT in a nutshell.  Please don’t go around telling anyone that you are a Critical Race Theorist 

because you listened to this podcast.  

At the very least read the book, 

Critical Race Theory 

by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, 

then the books that Derek Bell wrote 

and definitely read, Intersectionality 

by Kimberle Crenshaw and then… 

you still shut the hell up because 

you don’t know anything until you’ve boned up on your comprehensive and comparative American history, 

sociology and economics.  Then after about five years, you may be able to say that you know 

how to be critical about race… 


So, I imagine that you’re asking me in head, 

She, if this is critical race theory 

and it’s a legal studies framework 

only taught in universities 

and studied by law students, what are these boboli Conservative breying about?


if it’s been knocking around for over 50 years, 

Why are they crowing about it now?

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this lately.  I do have a few words of wisdom… 

to it simply…

Whitey gonna white… 

No! (slap!) 

How dare I be so crass around such a sensitive topic as the arbitrary complexion of the human epidermis. 

Simply put,

 what is happening is 

social reform.  

Due the repressive nature of bigotry in this country, 

the highly ensconced beliefs around race, 


gender, and sexuality,  

the propensity for violence, 

especially punitive violence 

all of that juxtaposed against 

conviction and a yearning for freedom and freedom of expression, written into the 

Constitution and hearts of Americans, 

there will continue to be 

every few generations 

advents of exuberant cultural reform.  

Evidenced first by 

The Revolutionary War of 1776, 

The Abolitionist Movement of the late 18th century, 

also the Back To Africa Movement of that same time.  Reconstruction Era 1865-77, 

The New Negro Movement 1919, 

Women’s Suffrage 1920, 

The Harlem Renaissance, 

The Civil Rights Movement, The Feminist Movement. 

Each era had its poetry and prose, plays, movies and music that it moved to and was moved by.  

There’s that!

In terms of the race issue, 

what some have called The Race Problem, 


Africans were dragged here kicking and screaming and I dare say, we’ve never stopped.  

We fought to prove that we are not objects 

Or beasts to be bought and sold

but people,  we shouted

until we could no longer be ignored.   

They had to integrate our humanity with theirs.  

Then we fought to prove that

 we had ideas, 

ingenuity and a voice with something to say.

If we were going to be here and not back in Africa, 

then we are Americans, too gods damn it!

They could no longer ignore our contributions.  

They had to recognize and integrate our citizenry.  

With our humanity and citizenry held in place 

by solid amendments to a living contract; 

we have to depend on stolid justice to hold it in place.  

If we aren’t vigilant,

our station could slip right past those sharp, white teeth, 

back into the bowels of tyranny.  

Like Black schools, 

Black churches 

and Black neighborhoods

our Black history remains separate 

and unequal.  

We kick and scream to have our voice heard 

and our histories told 

as we experienced them 

not as told to us 

or for us. 

As in times past, 

our acceptance into the whole of America 

is opposed; 

They are fighting against integration, the “race-mixing” of our American story.

Therefore as a united America, we lift our voice and say…

Move, bitch!  Get out of the way!  Get out of the way!

What we are actually witnessing 

is a roll out of DI or DEI programs 

NOT Critical Race Theory. 

DEI is as cool as it sounds; 

It stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  

They may have different acronyms, 

but they all serve the same function 

and I think the name is self-explanatory.  

Unlike Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police.  

The branding on this one is spot on.  

You don’t have to be “Woke” to get it 

or even fully sober.  flip

It’s a program designed to enfuse 

a healthy respect for diversity, ensure everyone is being treated with equity,

feels safe, 

is safe and included.  


And just so you don’t get the wrong idea, 

these programs are geared toward minorities, 

since they are statistically subjected to racial/gender bias 

and adversely affected by race & gender disparities;

However, it doesn’t exclude wypipo. 

So, what does DI or DEI do, you ask?  

As in what is a day in the life of DI or DEI coordinator?  

Mostly, they sit in front of a computer or some smart device reading angry emails from parents who believe that they are spies for the Chinese government sent to indoctrinate 

their children into the wise ways of 

developing socialist programs 

and masterminding the creation of widespread famine.

But once they’re done with that, 

they go out and actually talk to students, 

teachers and staff.  

They make sure 

that any and all reports of racist language 

and behavior is being addressed.   

They make sure students who may be 

struggling with reading and math proficiency 

are getting extra help.  

They verify that underrepresented students are also learning 

about the meaningful contributions of 

their people.  

For example, 

replacing the plays of Shakespeare with the prose of James Baldwin 

or expounding on spectacular events like the Great Migration,

Which chronicles the generation-long movement of Black Americans from the iron sky and burning furnace of the rural South to the reaching, spreading beckoning 

big cities of the North.

Learning about the Confederacy of Nations 

formed by indigenous people 

or how the Louisiana purchase was made possible by the first and only successful slave revolt and creation of the 1st free nation in the West.  

The DI coordinator also makes sure the teaching staff 

reflects the student body. 

After all that is complete, 

his or her job still isn’t done.  

They must field calls from ignorant parents engorged with OANN News stories, tired-ass Tucker Carlson quips and Jordan Peterson jargon, doling out death threats 

and threats to end their job, 

as if they get paid enough for this shit, anyway.  

All while wondering, the most important part of any activism, that you just wouldn’t know unless you’ve done it, 

And that’s sitting on the toilet

Wondering where in the Fraggle Rock were 

all these concerned parents and interested parties

when they needed input on 

how to help failing students while navigating 

a crammed curriculum and jammed classrooms

How to handle the teacher who thought they were only helping when they suggested little Arisha would look prettier with a permed like Zendaya.  

Or the white English teacher who thought it was better to stay true to author’s intentions rather than guard the psychological well-being of his only two Black students by repeating the word ‘Nigger’ over and over again in front of the whole class, 

When reading ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.  

Where was their outrage and flare 

for making purple “Parents for the Purity of Education” T-shirts when the only literature 

a school full of Black 

and Latinx students were exposed to 

all year was 

The Diary of Anne Frank, 

Huckleberry Finn and 

Young Goodman Brown.  

When what passed for diversity in the mostly white school was an all Black custodial staff.  

Inclusion consisted of a construction paper cuts out of feathered “Injuns” 

taped to classroom walls the week of Thanksgiving 

and Martin Luther King quotes spaced along the hallway that gets to hang there all four weeks of Black History Month.

(huff puff, huff puff)

Then they drive home in traffic and lay awake all night wondering if the school board is going corner them 

in a closed-door meeting, to ask the questions they’ve hinting at 

since before they were hired: 

how much longer do you think it’ll take for

the school to be Diversified, Equitable and Inclusive 

because by their projection 

something like this should only take about thirty-six weeks, they’re hearing from some of the purple-shirted parents that the students aren’t interested 

and is it possible that this will interfere with the state tests.

Luckily, the DI Coordinator is supported by a team; 

there’s no way they could possibly delete all those emails alone.  

The type of person that fills this role is usually an educator, activist, master’s level psychologist or social worker.  

Don’t be alarmed if they have locks, 

or wear colorful headwraps t

hat match 

their equally colorful outfits.  

They may smell like coconut oil and believe in the healing power of crystals.  

But that’s nothing to worry about unless 

you’re an annoying virgo who worries about everything.  

If this does not include you, you are not a virgo 

or on cusp with virgo, have a Virgo moon 

and you’re sure that Mercury is not in your sixth house,  but you’re still worried.  

I recommend a ionic foot detox to remove the heavy metals; 

They tend to block the pineal gland.  

If that doesn’t work and your still 

racked with anxiety over inclusion, 

use your words.  

Talk to your kids, but actually listen. 

 Meet the DI team; some of them may look aliens 

(they may claim to communicate with aliens), 

but I can assure they are good people 

And very good at what they do

Kids love them and they love kids.  

One thing I can tell about DI programs, 

they are community-centered

They crave parental presence and input.  

My only one teenie tiny bit of advice is

When you approach the space

Be aware, be confident.  Take a deep breath and


Cuz you will get smudged.  Just saying.  

And there ya go! DEI and CRT.  They may inform one other, but like a bad long distance relationship 

they never meet in the same place.  

So, if anyone walks into your 8th grade math class

and utters these ten words, “I’m a Critical Race Theorist 

and I’m here to help”,

you have Sse Goodguy’s permission to politely show them the door 

and point them in the direction of 

the nearest community college.  

However, if they show up as DEI instructors, 

they may call themselves a “guide”, 

roll out the red carpet: offer them alkaline water and an organic snack.  They are here to help.

If you are looking to start a DI program in your school or district, 

I’ve typically seen these programs begin with the parents 

and/or teachers getting feedback from the students 

as to what their respective needs and experiences are.  

Get more parents on board and with enough support, 

you should be able to approach your local school board 

and go from there.

If you already have a DEI program running in your school 

or district, but you’re getting a lot pushback 

from noxious “concerned parties” who are convinced that what you’re actually doing is biding your time

waiting for the opportune moment and your Marxist handler 

to utter the trigger phrase that activates your 

subconscious program to begin teaching Critical Race Theory, all you need do is keep in regular contact 

with your local school board.  

Keep them abreast of your activities and progress, frequently.

Encourage involved parents, teachers and students 

to show up, be vocal about their desire for the program.  

There you have it.  Critical Race Theory… Fun for the whole disruption of the nuclear family.  

To recap: 

If you think a university subject 

taught to law students 

is being taught at you grammar school 

to indoctrinate toddlers in postmodernism 

by teachers who really “ain’t got time for that shit” 

because common planning meetings 

are long enough already

as it is, 

you’re the one being indoctrinated.  

If you think that’s not the case because you are not addicted to Sean Hannity clips and you’re able to quit whenever you want.  And doing Jordan Peterson impressions in the bathroom mirror is not compulsive.  

Then seriously think about that detox.

If you think that the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program 

is not just there to teach African American 

and Native American history as an addendum, 

but instead are plotting a Marxist coup to take over 

your middle school, check your temperature.  

You might be brain dead.

Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught in public schools; 

If you think it is, what you are actually witnessing is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, a program that implements, promotes and fosters community, love, prosperity, integrity and healing.

Toxic Femininity

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

Does it exist and if so what is it? I cover this on my latest podcast session inspired by a recent incident.

To preface my response, I must note that I’m a huge believer in the need for traditional rites of passage particularly for adolescents. In the context of rites of passage, gender roles matter and the feminine plays an integral role, specifically for burgeoning young men hoping to achieve healthy adulthood.

As a mentor performing rites of passage for nearly a decade, the most difficult part of transitioning into adulthood is not maturity, but the adults in their lives acknowledging and encouraging the transition – the most damaging being the mother (or mother-figure) who enables her son or competes with her daughter. This is toxic Femininity and can have lasting adverse effects on childhood development, hindering healthy transition into adulthood.

I will say that this expression of toxic femininity is caused by centuries of severe patriarchy and toxic masculinity, but it exists nonetheless. Women who are or who feel abandoned, neglected and abused tend overcompensate for the love and attention lacking in their marriage (or caused by their divorce/ separation) by projecting onto their boy child. This noxious dynamic only increases when the boy grows into adolescence and young adulthood. It can be observed when the mother argues with her son as an equal, attacks his manhood which is often followed by coddling and plays for love and attention. With teen girls this is expressed through harsh and constant judgement, competitiveness and even mistrust of the girl child. The toxic mother may try to dress sexier than her daughter, be jealous of her relationships and even accuse the daughter of trying to seduce her love interests.

I’ve heard some say that women cannot be toxic in the same way that black people cannot be racist. I agree that we cannot say whether or toxic femininity would exist without toxic masculinity in the same way that we will never know what the post-modern Western world would be like if superpowers came out of black Africa – if Black people in the Americas ever rose to power and usurped white rule. In this sense, black people cannot command a national system of racism that affects white life no more than women can command a national system of matriarchy that dictates and defines manhood. However, the context of this discussion is in power plays within gender roles. For example, within a closed system, say an all-black school or majority black neighborhood where black people hold dominance, a system based on race – not merit could be developed and played on another race wherein they would be denied due justice and rights, abused with impunity. Rites of passage and the household, especially one of a single mother or where the father is seldom home, is this closed system where the mother wields all power. The toxic mother (or mother-figure) can and does discriminate based on gender. In addition, she engages in heavy power plays and double standards. All the same behavior played out by the toxic male and patriarchal system on her, she in turn transfers to her children; she competes with her daughter and emasculates her son.

The solution, though difficult, is to cut off the son. It doesn’t need to be harsh or severe, but must be deliberate and final. In this way, mother also experiences her own transformation – her own rite of passage – from warrior-woman to priestess, from nurturer to counselor. This allows the boy child a healthy break from the mother-son dynamic in order to navigate healthy relationships with other women; otherwise, he will continue to play out this mother-son/love-hate dynamic with other women.

Season 2 of Being Black on Earth is coming…

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

The second Revolution of the podcast you didn’t know you needed is on its way.

I’ve been tinkering in the Brothaship, revamping and recreating the look and feel of the program.

Here’s a look at the brand new logo concepts:

Which one do you all like? I’m feeling the green one.

Trust that the changes are more than cosmetic & superficial. I’m cooking up some powerfully potent content. This season, the keyword is consistency. So, I’m gearing up to give to y’all long and often. Stay tuned & look for me in the whirlwind.


BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

Colorism plagues black communities across this globe as a result and aftermath of centuries of a white supremacist & Eurocentric system. Amongst our own dark skin is deemed ugly and undesirable. Light skin or (as my grandmother used to say) fair skin is acme of beauty, hence the word “fair”.

As we all know people & “Black” people come in all shades – all of them beautiful. I personally find dark skin to be the most striking and gorgeous of all the myriad shades. And this is not bias, as I am what would be considered brown skinned.

For the hate that my brothers and sisters who are kissed by the sun and blessed with an abundance of melanin, I want to show the love with the Dark Skin Society hashtag. #darkskinsociety you are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

Four Hundred Years

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

400 years of slavery and counting…

So much of the Black experience in the Americas goes untold and when told, unheard. Our plight as a people is reduced in conventional US History to a pair of unfortunate events: chattel slavery & Jim Crow. Well, the rabbit hole is way longer, much deeper & far more twisted than that.

Even this chart I created couldn’t do it justice & even if I could, it would still need to be multiplied by the histories of at least 80 other nations occupied and colonized by European powers.
When slavery is mentioned, remember S L A V E R Y is a loaded term to describe the systematic destruction of families, rape of men, women & children, mutilation, humiliation, overwork, under clothed, malnourished, degradation of 3-4 generation of at least 4 million people for profit.

All of which was justified by quack pseudoscience & mollified by twisted Christian doctrine. Some have the gall to say the Civil War was fought to end slavery, but fail to explain why then did so many good white boys die to free black souls only to enslave them again with Black Codes, convict leasing and the #yrannical Theocracy of JimCrow.

The atrocities against freedmen continued with rampant lynching – mob justice. The Lilywhite Movement made sure to thoroughly undo any strides made during Reconstruction.
In the liberal, progressive North, black people were marginalized & cheated out of wealth by redlining, preyed upon by predatory lending. They were refused access to benefits of Roosevelt’s New Deal only to be lured & ravaged by promises of free healthcare in disguise – 30 years of the Tuskegee Experiment, poisoning men, women and children with syphilis, then, refusing treatment.

Later, heroin was pumped into impoverished black communities to fund organized crime. The government created a war on free lunches for hungry black children. The US, fresh off of assassinating nearly every one the brightest Black minds on the planet, let foreigners to peddled the potent of drugs in our neighborhoods to fund more wars. Then called it an epidemic, when it was mass murder, chased with mandatory minimums & mass incarceration.