BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

Colorism plagues black communities across this globe as a result and aftermath of centuries of a white supremacist & Eurocentric system. Amongst our own dark skin is deemed ugly and undesirable. Light skin or (as my grandmother used to say) fair skin is acme of beauty, hence the word “fair”.

As we all know people & “Black” people come in all shades – all of them beautiful. I personally find dark skin to be the most striking and gorgeous of all the myriad shades. And this is not bias, as I am what would be considered brown skinned.

For the hate that my brothers and sisters who are kissed by the sun and blessed with an abundance of melanin, I want to show the love with the Dark Skin Society hashtag. #darkskinsociety you are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

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