Cosby’s ‘Bout To Do A Bid

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

The funniest man in the solar system has been confined to a box. Bill Cosby will be cooling his heels for the next three to ten years, convicted on three counts of sexually assaulting just one woman, not the over three dozen who accused him. Andrea Constand’s decade-old allegation was the only one to beat the statute of limitations.

It took two trials to finally convict the comedy legend and his lawyers have already filed an appeal of this decision. When all is said and done, it would be surprising if Cosby spends even a full two years in prison, given his celebrity, wealth and access. Even more surprising will be if the octagenarian actor actually survives behind bars long enough to complete the minimum bid.

All told, it’s a bittersweet outcome for family and fans of The Coz. He entertained and inspired so many with his avuncular style and humor. At the same time, it appears the man was a predator with peculiar sexual predilections. He enjoyed having sex with unresponsive, semi-conscious women. This is not only an open Hollywood “secret”, Cosby himself described his procedure on the Larry King Show. See for yourself:

Cosby and King Reminiscing On the Joys of Spanish Fly

Follow that with Cosby’s (a married man) disgusting behavior with a young-ish Sofia Vergara…

Cosby Creeps Out Sofia Vergara

…and becomes quite difficult to defend the man.

The American Justice system made short work old Heathcliff Huxtable, once it got a good grip on his colorful knitted wool collar. His Star was removed from the Walk of Fame, his honorary degrees rescinded and his syndicated shows shut down. This makes him the first to see trial since the top popped off this sinister celebrity sex trade. Although a slew of Hollywood royalty have fallen under foot of the #MeeToo revolution, none have experienced more than the gallows of public opinion, none, save Cosby, have faced their accusers and the gavel in real court of law. Let’s hope the wheels of Justice, though they turn slow, grind fine.

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