The City Of Dallas Must Be Renamed Botham City

BLoGGing WhiLe BLack

While former police officer, Amber Guyger sits in her apartment just below the man from whom she stole everything he is and will ever be, Botham Shem Jean returned home to St. Lucia forever. While Justice in Dallas drags her unshod feet, the family of Botham Shem Jean buried their son today. No doubt their collective hearts as empty as apartment #1478, as empty as the reasons they must mourn him.

Jean’s killer, though free, has since been let go from her job as a professional peacekeeper and public servant. After posting bond, a few hundred thousand dollars, Guyger spent only a couple of hours in jail. Now, the question heavy in the air and certainly in the minds of many: what will be her fate for bursting into the home of an unarmed, unassuming man and firing two high-pressure rounds into his flesh, killing him where he stood?

One lawyer boasted that if he represented her, she’d probably walk. What’s more likely yet equally appalling, is that Guyger will face manslaughter charges. But who knows? As of yet, we know very little about Guyger and her state of mind that night. Her tale has changed several times as neighbors, tenants of the apartment building that she shared with her victim, debunk her claims. There is some speculation that Guyger may have known the man she murdered. For all we know right now, the case could turn and point directly to premeditated first degree murder.

Until that time, what needs no speculation or belabored contemplation is that Dallas needs to compensate for its egregious incompetence with large amounts of cash paid out swifter than its Justice to the family of Botham Jean. This pointless, avoidable loss to family and friends should never be forgotten. No mere memorial set in granite or printed on a street sign would suffice. Rename Dallas to Botham City.

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