The Best Thing About Netflix’s Nappily Ever After: The End

We GooD!

If you’re both black and #woke in this decade just as satisfying as seeing former cops get years for murdering unarmed black men and witnessing white women who ring the cops like customer service lose their jobs are this latest re-trend of mainstream black media: film and TV Shows. While many simply rehash typical fare, a recent crop have unabashedly been tackling specific African American issues.

Netflix’s Nappily Ever After deals with Vicoria’s – black woman played Sanaa Lathan – transition to natural hair i.e. the hair the gods gave her. While most of the movie – subject matter aside – follows a pretty predicable plot, the ending thankfully avoids a tried-and-tired traditional Hollywood trope. All-in-all, a decent flick that I would gladly recommend to anyone. It features actors of black Hollywood royalty and therefore top-notch portrayals. Ms. Lathan, who recently transitioned, cutting the chemicals out hair to rock a very sexy brush-cut, brings all the emotion of such a decision to this role.

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